Chery Racing: Description and History

Chery automobiles are manufactured by Chery Automobile Co. of Wuhu China (Anhui Province in eastern China). It is the intent of Malcolm Bricklin and his company Visionary Vehicles, to import Chery automobiles into the United States. GM is a little unhappy due to the fact that "QQ" line of vehicles is a complete rip-off of the Chevrolet Spark also manufactured and sold in China. Even the doors are interchangable. Chery is the number two auto manufacturer in China behind Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp, a joint venture with GM and Volkswagen.

The backers of Visionary Vehicles should ensure its success. Malcom's dream team:

Currently Chery does not have a broad product line but many designs are planned. The first imports are schedules to hit the US market in 2007.

The Official Chinese Chery web site is at